Hon. Prince Colonel Attila ALPEREN®

Founder Chairman in The Alperen Group

Hon. Prince Colonel Attila ALPEREN®

Founder Chairman in The Alperen Group

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Founder & Chairman of The Alperen® Companies Group and Partner & Director of Avantulo S.A.

Mr. Alperen, is a world-class technological inventor, Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Telecom, Banking, Business, and High-Tech R&D strategist who is currently bringing the next generation of technologies and related business methods to the global marketplace. TurXator®, TurXotor®, TurXactivision®, TelecomSaver®, TurXbine®, are some of his inventions.

As Founder and Chairman of The Alperen® Companies Group, as Partner and Director of Avantulo S.A. Mr. Alperen has developed significant experience in creating and implementing policy and strategy, as well as in evaluating and structuring joint ventures and other business opportunities for the companies in the financial, banking, energy, advertising, marketing, telecommunications and military and non-military technology areas.

At The Alperen® Companies Group, and Avantulo S.A Mr. Alperen is responsible for the overall management of both the internal and external legal, financial, and marketing affairs of the companies and its various subsidiaries. Before forming The Alperen® Companies Group, Mr. Alperen, served in the Air Forces of his country as officer with distinction and has applied his thirteen years of military experience to developing highly technological solutions towards the improvement of our every day lives.

* In 1999, the Government of Belize officially recognized the name, full respect for the heritage of The Alperen® Family and his name as "Prince" in perpetuity.

* In 2001, the Governor of the State of Kentucky awarded Mr. Alperen as "Colonel" to the National Headquarter.

* In 2001, the Mayor of the City of Annapolis awarded Mr. Alperen as "Honorary Citizenship".

Mr. Alperen is responsible for managing the expansive portfolio of The Alperen® Companies Group and Avantulo S.A directs his knowledgeable and highly skilled management team to identify marketing opportunities relevant to the business community, especially relating to electronic commerce and telecommunications.

Throughout his career, Mr. Alperen has authored several publications, particularly in the area of constitutional law, which have received international recognition. Constitution for Turkish States (l997), Dictionary of Universal Values, and Concepts for Youth (1996), Alperenism (1997). are some of his books.

Mr. Alperen single father of 1 girl, 3 boys.

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